Date of Award


First Advisor

Michael Bergman

Second Advisor

Patty Dooley

Third Advisor

Bob Stark


The cam and actuator driven knitting machine presented in this thesis simulates a traditional knitting motion to create both standard knit and purl stitches. Major mechanical systems include the knitting motion system, the needles, the looping mechanism, and the knitting platform and box. The purpose of this machine is to allow any-level users to program a specific block-knitting project and for the machine to produce the piece with little, if any, further user input. The machine has six degrees of freedom between the needle and looping mechanisms. Each needle is controlled by a single cam and actuator system. Translational motion is provided by the form-closed radial cam and rolling follower. The actuator, attached to the cam, provides pitch motion by using the cam follower as a pivot point. Stitches are propelled up or down the needle by a motor controlling axial rotation at the base of the needle. The looping mechanism is formed from a rotating pin-slider linkage attached to a servo. A small motor is attached to the looping mechanism, rotating yarn through a guide and around the needle.

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