Chris Coggins

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Paleolithic Cultures in Europe: excellent Power Point presentation on the material cultures of the late Paleolithic, explaining how they adapted to deglaciation and were gradually becoming more sedentary and establishing agricultural societies (which caused regional cultural differentiation where there had been a great deal of similarity due to high levels of mobility). See the map of the “venuses” (including Ms. Willendorf) – relicts of Solutrean culture - which exemplifies this point so nicely! This is a brief, concise presentation, with just enough text wonderful graphics. It’s easy to understand and provides a perfect means of linking early European cultures to climate change in very simple but meaningful ways. It also implicitly shows how archaeologists and other paleo-researchers make inferences about cultures of the past that had no texts (in the formal contemporary sense), and it leaves us to wonder about what kinds of subjective experiences these iconographic works (“texts”) helped engender.