Simon's Rock News, March 14, 1968

Simon's Rock News, March 14, 1968

Bard College at Simon's Rock


SR News Volume 1 Number 8, March 14, 1968

“Mrs. Hall’s Notes” [announcement] [Spanish, dance, and physics faculty changes: Mrs. George Wislocki, Miss Crissey, Mrs. deProsses, Mrs. Patricia G. Murphy, Mrs. Robert B. Handelmann, Dr. Anna Harrison], pp. 1-2

“Business Office Notes” [announcement] [Business office staff change: Mrs. Eunice Raifstanger, Mrs. Suzanne MacIver], p. 1

“Chairman News” [announcement] [elections to be held for Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, MiscellanyHead [sic], Judicial Committee, Academic Committee, and Social Committee], pp. 1-2

[illustrated announcement], p. 2

[illustrated announcement] [“GALA Russian Weekend April 5-6-7”], [unnumbered page]

“Russian Weekend” [announcement] [Assembly in ARC: Mrs. Malevsky-Malevitch; concert by Simon’s Rock Pop Group; “The Sound of Russia”: Jonathan Miller, Mary Ann Ortenblad; film screening in ARC: Andre de la Varre], p. 3

“Events in New York” [announcement], pp.3-4

[illustrated announcement] [upcoming student plays in the ARC: Marty Gwinn, Lynn Steinsieck, Anne Morgan, M.L. Lincoln, Susie Vincent, Paula Goldsborough, William McK. Andres], [unnumbered page]

Jan Crosman, “Sarum - Simon’s Arts 68” [article], p. 4

“Vacation Exodus” [announcement], p. 4

“Production Staff For This Issue” [editorial credits] [Carol Black, Leslie Middleton, Lucy Clark, Charles Ortenblad], p. 4