Simon's Rock News, March 6, 1968

Simon's Rock News, March 6, 1968

Bard College at Simon's Rock


SR News, Volume 1, Number 7, March 6, 1968

Carol Black, “Editorial”, p. 1

“Notes From Mrs. Hall” [Board of Trustees member left car: Mr. Howard Gambrill; attendance of meeting about MA narcotics law: Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Andres, Reverend Robert Curry], pp. 1-2

[illustrated announcement], p. 1

Margie Pierce, “‘Ex-Miss Copper Queen on a Set of Pills’” [theater review], pp. 2-3

Donna Parker and Tookie Frick, “Letters to the Editor” [letters] [lack of attendance for student theater productions: Janie Powers, Mr. Ostuni], pp. 2-4

Lucy Clark, “‘Elvira Madigan’” [film review], pp. 3-5

“Having Laundry Problems?” [p. 4]

“Production Staff For This Issue” [students listed: Carol Black, Jan Crosman, Sarah Kapteyn, Leslie Middleton, Katya Slive], p. 5

“Coming Events” [announcement] [speech by Mrs. William Willeke at Blodgett House], p. 5

“From the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders” [reprinted article], p. 6

Sarah Kapteya and Jan Crosman, “Seminar on Civil Disorders” [article] [report on student & faculty conversation, students and faculty quoted: Mr. Miller, Warren, Perkins, Howland, Rathbone, Chace, Flemming, Klein, Mrs. Haselton, Frick, Mr. Haselton, Lodge], pp. 7-8