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SR News, Volume 1, Number 7, March 6, 1968

Carol Black, “Editorial”, p. 1

“Notes From Mrs. Hall” [Board of Trustees member left car: Mr. Howard Gambrill; attendance of meeting about MA narcotics law: Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Andres, Reverend Robert Curry], pp. 1-2

[illustrated announcement], p. 1

Margie Pierce, “‘Ex-Miss Copper Queen on a Set of Pills’” [theater review], pp. 2-3

Donna Parker and Tookie Frick, “Letters to the Editor” [letters] [lack of attendance for student theater productions: Janie Powers, Mr. Ostuni], pp. 2-4

Lucy Clark, “‘Elvira Madigan’” [film review], pp. 3-5

“Having Laundry Problems?” [p. 4]

“Production Staff For This Issue” [students listed: Carol Black, Jan Crosman, Sarah Kapteyn, Leslie Middleton, Katya Slive], p. 5

“Coming Events” [announcement] [speech by Mrs. William Willeke at Blodgett House], p. 5

“From the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders” [reprinted article], p. 6

Sarah Kapteya and Jan Crosman, “Seminar on Civil Disorders” [article] [report on student & faculty conversation, students and faculty quoted: Mr. Miller, Warren, Perkins, Howland, Rathbone, Chace, Flemming, Klein, Mrs. Haselton, Frick, Mr. Haselton, Lodge], pp. 7-8

Publication Date



Bard College at Simon's Rock


Great Barrington


Board of Trustees, Black, Clark, Crosman, Frick, Kapteya, Parker, Pierce, Andres, Black, Chace, Curry, Flemming, Frick, Gambrill, Hall, Haselton, Howland, Kapteyn, Klein, Lodge, Middleton, Miller, Ostuni, Perkins, Powers, Rathbone, Rosman, Slive, Warren, Willeke

Simon's Rock News, March 6, 1968