Simon's Rock News, February 28, 1968

Simon's Rock News, February 28, 1968

Bard College at Simon's Rock


SR News, Volume 1, Number 6, February 28, 1968

Carol Black, “Editorial” [prank on campus: Mrs. Leibrick], p. 1

“Notes from Mrs. Hall” [announcement] [new Art Department faculty member: Mr. Stephen Roald Hustveldt], p. 1

“Business Office Items” [announcement], pp. 1-2

Janie Powers, “Review of the Joffrey Ballet” [theater review], pp. 2-3

Natalie Harper and Jonathan Miller, “Letters to the Editor” [letter], p. 2

“Coming Events” [announcement] [film screening at Erica Anderson’s, student play in ARC: M.L. Lincoln, Paula Goldsborough, Susan Vincent, William Andres], p. 3

[illustrated announcement] [Chess Club: Mr. Ortenblad], p. 3

[illustrated announcement] [The Snack Bar Grand Opening], p. 3

[illustrated announcement], p. 4