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SR News, Volume 1, Number 5, 14 February 1968

Nana Foeley, “February Fourteenth” [essay], unnumbered cover

[illustration], unnumbered cover

“Mrs. Hall’s Notes” [announcement] [two new rules for student conduct regarding sign outs and ear piercing: Mrs. Thorne], p. 1

William McK Andres, “Readers Theatre” [report], p. 1

[announcement] [Carapace submissions open], p. 1

Academics Committee, “The Academic Committee Evaluates Core Course” [report], p. 1

Cultural Committee, “Lecture Series To Come” [announcement] [new lecture series: Mrs. Ripley organizer, Mrs. Erick Erickson, Mrs. Franklin K. Paddock, Miss Barbara Roul, and Mrs. Warfield Longcope lecturers], p. 2

[announcement], p. 2

“Found Haiku”, p. 2

[illustration], p. 2

Peter Ostuni and Fran Beadel, “Letters to the Editor” [letter] [description of film “Children of Paradise”; description of benefit dinner: Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Church], pp. 3-4

[illustrated announcement], p. 3

“Hey You!!” [announcement], p. 3

“January, 1968 Newsletter” [announcement], p. 3

“Wanted” [advertisement] [call for apprentice gardener: Mrs. Foeley], p. 3

[illustration], p. 3

“Typing Course” [announcement], p. 4

“Courses Spring Term” [announcement], p. 4

[illustration] [“Happy Valentine’s Day to Dr. Christian Bernard from SR News, From An Idea by Johnathan Miller”], p. 4

“Coming Events” [announcement] [film screening at Mrs. Erica Anderson’s], p. 5

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Bard College at Simon's Rock


Great Barrington


Lecture, Andres, Beadel, Foeley, Ostuni, Bernard, Church, Erickson, Foeley, Hall, Longcope, Miller, Paddock, Richmond, Ripley, Roul, Thorne

Simon's Rock News, February 14, 1968