Simon's Rock News, February 7, 1968

Simon's Rock News, February 7, 1968

Bard College at Simon's Rock


SR News Volume 1, Number 4, February 7, 1968

Dean Ensign, “It’s Up To You!!” [announcement], p. 1

Margie Pierce, “‘The Children Of Paradise’” [movie review], p. 1

Fran Beadel, “Cultural Committee Views” [opinion] [Blodgett discussion group: Mr. Miller, Mr. Ortenblad, Mr. Perkins, Father O’Donnel], pp. 1-2

Nana, “Thanks” [statement], p. 1

[illustration], p. 1

[illustrated advertisement] [student antique sale], p. 2

“Lost and Found” [announcement] [students list lost and found items: Fran Beadel, Helen Dewey], p. 2

[announcement], p. 2

“Special Report” [article] [coffee house in the “ROOM”: Chaz, Mr. Miller, Anne Morgan, Greg Dahl], p. 2

Julia Drury and Lucy Clark, “Letters to the Editor” [letters], p. 3

“Important!!” [report], p. 3

M.L. Lincoln, “Theater of Cruelty” [review], p. 3

“A Plea for Help” [announcement], p. 3

“Thursday Night” [announcement] [play reading: Mr. William Andres], p. 3

“Going To New York?” [announcement] [listing of events in New York City], p. 4

[illustrated announcement], p. 4

[illustration], p. 4

[announcement] [list of three preambles to be given after lecture in the ARC with call for students’ responses to them], pp. 5-6