Simon's Rock News, January 24, 1968

Simon's Rock News, January 24, 1968

Bard College at Simon's Rock


SR News, Volume 1, Number 2, January 24, 1968

Bea Gates & Rachel Klein, “The Role of the Representative” [editorial] [critique of Community Council], pp. 1-2

“Mrs. Hall’s Notes” [announcement], pp. 1-2

“Business Announcements” [announcement], p. 1

[illustrated advertisement] [“Haircuts by Lucy”], p. 2

Lucy Clark, “‘I, A Woman’” [movie review], p. 3

[announcement], p. 3

[announcement] [trip to Baha’i meeting: Nancy Lamb], p. 3

[announcement] [call for participants in Teacher Aide Program: Mrs. Monihan], p. 3

“Simon’s Rock Scholarship Eggs” [announcement] [egg sale: Nana], p. 3

“Greenhouse News” [announcement] [call for assistants in greenhouse: Mrs. Fosley], p. 3

“Lost and Found” [announcement] [students list lost and found items: C. Binkerd, Q. Clark, S. Grant, C. Murphy, K. Aherni, C. Butler, M. Pierce], p. 3

“Courses Offered Spring Semester” [anouncement] [list of upcoming classes organized by professors: Mr. Allen, Mr. Kapteyn, Mr. Andres, Mrs. Ortenblad, Miss Young, Mrs. Liebrick, Mr. Ostuni, Mrs. Harper, Mr. Miller, Mr. Haselton], p. 4

“Mid-Winter Projects” [announcement] [advice for Mid-winter Projects: Mr. Warren], p. 4

[announcement], p. 4

“Contributions” [announcement] [how to contribute to paper], p. 4

[illustrated advertisement] [“Perspective”, student clothing sale: Kaethe Burt, Jan Crosman, Wendy Goodman, Ronny McCarthy, Chris Beaman], p. 5

[acknowledgement] [thanks for dance organization: Mrs. Ripley, Mr. Ortenblad, Mrs. Hall], p. 5

[illustrated advertisement], p. 5

“Staff” [editorial credits] [newspaper staff: Carol Black (Editor); Leslie Middleton, Katya Silve (Production); Fran Beadel, Kathy Chase, Lucy Clark, Jan Crossman, Nancy Lamb, Margie Pierce, Liz May, Cindy Binkerd (Assistants); Charles Ortenblad (Faculty Advisor)], p. 5