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SR News, Volume 1, Number 2, January 24, 1968

Bea Gates & Rachel Klein, “The Role of the Representative” [editorial] [critique of Community Council], pp. 1-2

“Mrs. Hall’s Notes” [announcement], pp. 1-2

“Business Announcements” [announcement], p. 1

[illustrated advertisement] [“Haircuts by Lucy”], p. 2

Lucy Clark, “‘I, A Woman’” [movie review], p. 3

[announcement], p. 3

[announcement] [trip to Baha’i meeting: Nancy Lamb], p. 3

[announcement] [call for participants in Teacher Aide Program: Mrs. Monihan], p. 3

“Simon’s Rock Scholarship Eggs” [announcement] [egg sale: Nana], p. 3

“Greenhouse News” [announcement] [call for assistants in greenhouse: Mrs. Fosley], p. 3

“Lost and Found” [announcement] [students list lost and found items: C. Binkerd, Q. Clark, S. Grant, C. Murphy, K. Aherni, C. Butler, M. Pierce], p. 3

“Courses Offered Spring Semester” [anouncement] [list of upcoming classes organized by professors: Mr. Allen, Mr. Kapteyn, Mr. Andres, Mrs. Ortenblad, Miss Young, Mrs. Liebrick, Mr. Ostuni, Mrs. Harper, Mr. Miller, Mr. Haselton], p. 4

“Mid-Winter Projects” [announcement] [advice for Mid-winter Projects: Mr. Warren], p. 4

[announcement], p. 4

“Contributions” [announcement] [how to contribute to paper], p. 4

[illustrated advertisement] [“Perspective”, student clothing sale: Kaethe Burt, Jan Crosman, Wendy Goodman, Ronny McCarthy, Chris Beaman], p. 5

[acknowledgement] [thanks for dance organization: Mrs. Ripley, Mr. Ortenblad, Mrs. Hall], p. 5

[illustrated advertisement], p. 5

“Staff” [editorial credits] [newspaper staff: Carol Black (Editor); Leslie Middleton, Katya Silve (Production); Fran Beadel, Kathy Chase, Lucy Clark, Jan Crossman, Nancy Lamb, Margie Pierce, Liz May, Cindy Binkerd (Assistants); Charles Ortenblad (Faculty Advisor)], p. 5

Publication Date



Bard College at Simon's Rock


Great Barrington


Community Council, Beadel, Binkerd, Black, Chase, Clark, Crossman, Gates, Klein, Lamb, May, Middlteon, Ortenblad, Pierce, Slive, Aherni, Allen, Andres, Beaman, Binkerd, Burt, Butler, Clark, Crosman, Fosley, Goodman, Grant, Hall, Harper, Haselton, Kapteyn, Lamb, Liebrick, McCarthy, Miller, Monihan, Murphy, Nana, Ortenblad, Ortenblad, Ostuni, Pierce, Ripley, Warren, Young

Simon's Rock News, January 24, 1968