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SR News Volume 1 Number 9, April 10, 1968

“‘A Drum Major For Injustice’” [article] [reprint of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech from New York Times in memory of his death: Alex Perkins], pp. 1-2

“Simonova Skala” [announcement] [thanks for organization of Russian weekend: Mrs. Ortenblad, Mrs. Malevsky-Malevitch, Andres, Mr. Ensign, Mr. [missing letter]racy], p. 1

Kathy Chase, “Sounds of Russia” [article] [Russian Weekend: Mary Ann Ortenblad, Jonathan Miller], pp. 1-2

Marty Qwinn, “Samoiloff’s Company Comes to the ARC” [theater review] [production of Chekhov’s “The Bear” in ARC: Mrs. Carlene Murphy Samoiloff, M.L. Lincoln], pp. 2-3

Carol Black, “Richard Wilbur Reads at B.C.C.” [article], pp. 2-3

Carol Black, “The Russian Poetry Programs” [theater review], pp. 3-4

Lynne Steinsieck, “Bennett College Comes to the ARC” [theater review], pp. 3-5

Margie Pierce, “Impression” [film review], pp. 4-5

“ATTENTION” [announcement] [music department needs to borrow camera: Mrs. Ortenblad; call for return of overdue library books: Miss Ewasco], p. 5

[illustrated announcement], p. 5

[announcement] [election results of Admissions Committee: Kim Ahrens, Kathy Chace, Bea Gates, Judy Gubner, Margaret Haigis, Jenny Howland, Sarah Kapteyn, Emily Lodge, Tori Munroe, Belinda Rathbone, Stephanie Russell, Katya Slive], p. 5

“Baha’i Fireside Friday” [announcement] [Baha’i event in Blodgett], p. 5

Janie Powers, “Westchester Ballet Company” [theater review], p. 6

Lynne Steinsieck, “Better Than Spiked Punch” [article] [report on dance: Mr. Miller, Mr. Allen], p. 6

“Production Staff For This Issue” [announcement] [staff listed: Leslie Middleton, Carol Black, Lynne Steinsieck, Sarah Kapteyn, Mr. Ortenblad], p. 6

Liz T.J. May and Leslie Middleton, “An Open Letter To Simon’s Rock” [opinion] [on development of Simon’s Rock’s philosophy], pp. 7-8

Publication Date

Spring 4-20-1968


Bard College at Simon's Rock


Great Barrington


Library, Theater, Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Ahrens, Allen, Andres, Black, Chace, Ensign, Ewasco, Gates, Gubner, Haigis, Howland, Kapteyn, Lincoln, Lodge, Malevsky-Malevitch, May, Middleton, Miller, Munroe, Ortenblad, Qwinn, Perkins, Pierce, Powers, Rathbone, Russell, Slive, Smoiloff, Steinsieck, Wilbur

Simon's Rock News, April 20, 1968