Simon's Rock News, April 20, 1968

Simon's Rock News, April 20, 1968

Bard College at Simon's Rock


SR News Volume 1 Number 9, April 10, 1968

“‘A Drum Major For Injustice’” [article] [reprint of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech from New York Times in memory of his death: Alex Perkins], pp. 1-2

“Simonova Skala” [announcement] [thanks for organization of Russian weekend: Mrs. Ortenblad, Mrs. Malevsky-Malevitch, Andres, Mr. Ensign, Mr. [missing letter]racy], p. 1

Kathy Chase, “Sounds of Russia” [article] [Russian Weekend: Mary Ann Ortenblad, Jonathan Miller], pp. 1-2

Marty Qwinn, “Samoiloff’s Company Comes to the ARC” [theater review] [production of Chekhov’s “The Bear” in ARC: Mrs. Carlene Murphy Samoiloff, M.L. Lincoln], pp. 2-3

Carol Black, “Richard Wilbur Reads at B.C.C.” [article], pp. 2-3

Carol Black, “The Russian Poetry Programs” [theater review], pp. 3-4

Lynne Steinsieck, “Bennett College Comes to the ARC” [theater review], pp. 3-5

Margie Pierce, “Impression” [film review], pp. 4-5

“ATTENTION” [announcement] [music department needs to borrow camera: Mrs. Ortenblad; call for return of overdue library books: Miss Ewasco], p. 5

[illustrated announcement], p. 5

[announcement] [election results of Admissions Committee: Kim Ahrens, Kathy Chace, Bea Gates, Judy Gubner, Margaret Haigis, Jenny Howland, Sarah Kapteyn, Emily Lodge, Tori Munroe, Belinda Rathbone, Stephanie Russell, Katya Slive], p. 5

“Baha’i Fireside Friday” [announcement] [Baha’i event in Blodgett], p. 5

Janie Powers, “Westchester Ballet Company” [theater review], p. 6

Lynne Steinsieck, “Better Than Spiked Punch” [article] [report on dance: Mr. Miller, Mr. Allen], p. 6

“Production Staff For This Issue” [announcement] [staff listed: Leslie Middleton, Carol Black, Lynne Steinsieck, Sarah Kapteyn, Mr. Ortenblad], p. 6

Liz T.J. May and Leslie Middleton, “An Open Letter To Simon’s Rock” [opinion] [on development of Simon’s Rock’s philosophy], pp. 7-8