Simon's Rock News, January 17, 1968

Simon's Rock News, January 17, 1968

Bard College at Simon's Rock


SR News, Volume 1, Number 1, January 17, 1968

Carol Black, “Editorial” [editorial] [on reason for founding newspaper], p. 1

Elizabeth Blodgett Hall, “Notes from Mrs. Hall” [letter] [grant from Braitmayer Foundation, results of Evaluation Committee, Mr. Hazelton will be offering course next semester], p. 1 & 2

“Business Announcements” [announcement], p. 1

[illustration], p. 2

“The Staff” [staff listing] [Carol Black, Leslie Middleton, Katya Silve, Fran Baedel, Liz May, Margie Pierce, Nancy Lamb, Lyne Steinsieck, Cindy Binkerd, Cathy Chase, Lucy Clark, Charles Ortenblad], p. 2

“Chairman Announcements” [announcement], p. 2

“Coming Events” [announcement] [events from Jan. 17 to 21, screening at Mrs. Erica Anderson’s barn], p. 3

“La Grande Dame” [announcement], p. 3

“Visual Excitation” [announcement, photography course with Chaz], p 3

“Advertising! Cheap!” [announcement] [how to advertise in SR News], p 3

“Open Invitation” [announcement, Mr. Ripley organizing trip to screening at Williams], p 3