Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Written Arts

Project Advisor 1

Cole Heinowitz

Abstract/Artist's Statement

A book of poetry centered around the tarot. It will explore the vast meanings, interpretations, and angles of each card. It will be w meditation upon the quest of shedding self, and to what degree that is possible discursively, dialectically, and creatively. Is that even a goal we should be reaching towards? The form will be dictated by the cards, for example the magician which is card one will be composed of one line stanzas, and so on. It will also be informed by my own personal occult studies, as well as the correspondences and correlation between Tarot and cobbler and many other mystical practices. I have read many interpretations of Taro cards, and see this as an opportunity to add my own synthesis, of what the cards means to me at this current moment in time to the record. It will be a discussion and collaboration between me and the tarot, and actively seeking out all that it has to teach me, and point me towards.

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