Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Film and Electronic Arts

Project Advisor 1

Joshua Glick

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Artist Statement

Hugo Patterson


The main goal in my film “Eros” was to create an intriguing fast paced thriller jumping from location to location with the main focus being on the facade of masculinity and how false outward personas lead to ruination. This theme is expressed through the relationship of my protagonists John and Andrew. The boys put themselves in situations which they are not prepared for in an attempt to assert their machismo. They both have complex feelings for each other but are not able to properly express them out of fear of exposing themselves. By the end of the film the main character, John, does express himself only to be rejected. His arc is a tragic one. Unable to handle the rejection from his best friend, he decides to take the advice of the pansophical drug dealer Coach, and betrays his best friend and love in an attempt to protect himself from further harm. This type of rash selfish behavior as a defense mechanism is the main theme of the film; Lashing out as a coping mechanism (in my experience) is a distinctly masculine trait by way of being unable or unwilling to express oneself properly as a result of fear of being exposed. This action is in the moment self preserving, but ultimately self destructive. The ego can be extremely damaging to oneself in its attempt to live without tribulation. If the audience of the film is to take away anything from it, I hope it’s to not rely on others for happiness completely or else you'll have nothing else once the person eventually leaves. One must be comfortable with who they are and love themselves before they can use others' love in a constructive way. Otherwise it's just a crutch which will eventually snap under the wait of too much expectation.

There's an undeniable campy aspect of the film which I began to embrace in the editing process. This is the first acting experience of my central protagonist and their performance is occasionally awkward and stilted but I think it contributes to uneasiness of the characters' outward persona and relationship with each other. My characters attempt to present themselves as cool and collected, but in reality they are extremely self conscious and my actors' stilted style of performance greatly contributes to this. They're fish out of water and every character they meet shows how out of their depth they truly are. Albeit the betrayal at the end the only thing powering them to continue is each other. Finally, the title of the film is derived from the Greek word for passion; this film explores how passion can be destructive when one isn't properly able to express themselves, and/or if the passion is unrequited.

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