Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Film and Electronic Arts

Project Advisor 1

Brent Green

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Broken Up, Over Easy is a colorful, feminine coming of age comedy. The story follows a girl named Flo who is down in the dumps after a devastating break up. Her closest friend, Izzy, decides she needs to help Flo get her groove back. Izzy’s brilliant revenge plot is to egg the ex-girlfriend’s house while simultaneously breaking in to steal back Flo’s childhood stuffed animal (Mr. Brownie).

It begins as a classic rom-com and abruptly turns into an absurd, girly heist movie that ends in a dance number. When writing my short film, I was interested in creating lovable characters, mixing genres, and using mise-en-scene to create a specific universe. My goal was to make a movie that captures the audience's attention right off the bat, while also working hard to make something visually striking and aesthetically thoughtful. I wanted to make something that would have universal appeal while still possessing a unique, funky voice. I wanted to make something fun yet moving.

My hope is that through the wildness and the action, the audience will also see the difficulties of accepting change, the struggles of dealing with the loss of relationships, and the importance of loving yourself and those who surround you. All issues that I personally have been meditating with recently.

I am so incredibly proud of how it has turned out, and of all the people who helped me complete this project. I had such a wonderful team around me, and without them, I would not have been able to complete my grand vision. I think this is a funny reflection of the film itself, as it is a story of bringing people together. Although I didn’t do so with magic powers. But man, that would have been cool if I did, right?

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