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Spring 2023

Academic Program

Historical Studies

Project Advisor 1

Miles Rodriguez

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This paper is concerned with how FIFA in 1978 laid the foundations of its present success through working with the Argentine Junta. Under Joao Havelange's tutelage FIFA and the Junta collaborated to use this World Cup as a tool for the market development of the global game. For Havelange had to honor his promises to the nations of the Global South who elected him as FIFA president.

They sought to fund a program of football development by finding sponsors, and for the Junta showing the World that by holding the World Cup it was an advanced Western nation. These same ‘’Gentlemen’’ in the shadows, were perpetrating the worst human rights violations in Argentina of the 21st century.

The World Cup in our increasingly globalized society maintains a grip over the World’s imagination, consequently, it merits additional study and reflection. Argentina 1978 marked a significant turning point in the global history of the World Cup. This study aims to inform how the Junta and FIFA effectively used this festival to build support at home and build support for it’s ‘’Process of National Reorganization’’.

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