Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Division of the Arts; Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Rebecca Morgan

Abstract/Artist's Statement

When we dream of running away, where do we run to, and what finds us there?

I’ve wanted to run away from home since I was little. I dreamed of flying, of escaping to other worlds, and of finding them before they found me. Imposter is a story that’s been in progress for a long time. Sally, the main character, was created in high school, but the themes have been there, coming up in different ways, throughout my life. Every year I find a new way to escape, and that’s ok - sometimes you need a break.

I think it’s important to take space. To understand that you are capable of choosing who you keep around, and that that may change. Family may not be forever, friends may not be forever - it’s a two-way street and you are in control of who you keep close. Of course there will always be power dynamics and complicated histories, but in general we are in control of this balance.

Comics are dependent on relationships. Relationships between author, artist, and reader, and relationships between creator and story. A story will look different throughout its creation, and especially so depending on who’s reading it. They are collaborative, showing the motions of these connections, and they’re like diaries, sharing stories you didn’t know you had.

This is a beginning. Comics are for all ages, for all places, for all people. There is so much I would like to explore in the relationship between art and words. Comics are a collaboration of mediums, and their interpretation as a story is a collaboration between the creator and the reader, and I’m excited to share this work, and see what voice it’s found for itself.

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