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Spring 2023

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Elena Kim

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Women on the Move (WOM) are an at-risk population of women who leave their home countries with the hope of a better quality of life (QOL). WOM is a wide umbrella term and for this paper, it encompasses documented, undocumented, migrating, immigrating, and emigrating women. This proposal focuses on Mexican WOM and their mental health; to better understand their experiences with professional mental health in the United States and any barriers they face. This topic is under-researched, and the quantitative studies on the topic are prone to “frequently inconsistent and contradictory” generalizations. This exploratory study will collect qualitative data. By using Braun & Clark's (2006) thematic approach to data analysis, we will be able to formulate themes that start to answer the question: How do Mexican migrant women make decisions about professional mental health seeking, and what barriers do they experience in seeking mental health help? My proposed study will add to the limited literature based on Mexican women migrants and their mental health. This proposal strives to offer insight, from first-hand sources, to help better accommodate immigrants, and thus help formulate recommendations for mental health professionals to design more effective depression treatments that are better informed.

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