Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Julia Weist

Abstract/Artist's Statement

THIS IS A TRUE LOVE STORY is my attempt to understand love as someone who has never fallen in love. Witnessing romantic love around me makes me want to understand it, but all I can do is speculate about it based on love that is platonic and familial, love that I’ve been taught, consumed, and desired. In this body of work, I explored bodies’ movement and interactions with themselves and each other while wearing something that is limiting our senses. The different media I used – video, photograph, drawing, print, and embroidery – are different pathways for me to record and translate my innate experience into something outward. The main object in my videos and photographs – the bodies, and the body suits – are not present in my exhibition. I want my viewers to spend time and effort to experience and make sense of my work. This exhibition presents a perspective that is exclusive to people who don’t have the knowledge of being in love. Everyone else, people who are in love or have been in love, cannot unlearn love, and thus become the spectators here.

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