Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Division of Social Studies; Philosophy; Sociology

Project Advisor 1

Michelle Hoffman

Project Advisor 2

James Keller

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Modern technology has excelled at an unprecedented rate. The rise of artificial intelligence raises many ethical questions and concerns for humanity, as it has incited many pressing debates between philosophers, computer scientists, and social critics who share concerns for the future of humanity but conflict with one another regarding whether or not we should rely on technology to govern human affairs and control society's infrastructures. Drawing from Martin Heidegger, Jacques Ellul, Hubert Dreyfus, and others, this project weighs out the probabilities and problems of the technological singularity posited by Ray Kurzweil, confronting our habits of addressing technology and the way we model ourselves off of computational AI. And then, finally, what it means to regain human agency and remain spiritually and ethically accountable for the roles we play.

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