Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Tschabalala Self

Abstract/Artist's Statement

How do we tend to community, as a gardener tends to a garden? A garden is meant to sustain, to feed, to support. Nurturing Numbers, calls to focus the continuous need for active care within predominantly white institutions towards students of color. Within these institutions, students of color work tirelessly to build resources from scratch for the student body. Nurturing Numbers was created as a communal space of healing and rest for students of color that live within the Bard Community. Through a series of expressive arts workshops that I developed over the Fall semester, Connecting Roots, Mending Space, and Networking Breathwork, were a collection of workshops facilitated throughout the Spring Semester. Providing rest as a resource and accessible art for Students of Color across Bard’s campus who work tirelessly to continue creating safe communities here at this institution. The titles are reflective of the questions and meditations raised within each workshop amongst the students. Nurturing and providing restful and artistic spaces not only to students of color but the entire student body. Providing access to art and communal gathering as a form of collective and personal healing for the community as a whole.

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