Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Global and International Studies; Middle Eastern Studies

Project Advisor 1

Dina Ramadan

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project focuses on the humanitarian aid present in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. More specifically, it seeks to understand the organizations and kinds of programs for career-building services that are available to displaced Palestinian women in these camps. The project first seeks to collect information about the quality, quantity, variability, and sustainability of the programs that are present in the camps. Once this information is collected, this project seeks to understand how both humanitarian organizations and women define the need for career-building services, as well as the ways in which the current programs either sufficiently meet this need or do not fulfill it. Lastly, this project offers bottom-up approaches to humanitarian aid that can localize program development. In this way, the voices of displaced Palestinian women can be amplified which will consequently increase the likelihood of the establishment of programs that sufficiently meet these women's needs.

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