Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program

Literature; Global and International Studies

Project Advisor 1

Donna Grover

Project Advisor 2

Michelle Murray

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The Black Ancestral Artist Path is a project dedicated to uncovering the migratory pattern between Black American Creatives from NY to Paris. Why has this trend continued today from those of the Lost Generation? What about France entices the American? And how does living there change their art and sense of self? This project also compared Black French artists and their understanding of the French colonial empire. When these two groups are brought together, how do they learn from one another? Black Americans are forced to reckon with the both the freedom and the privilege they experience being able to live in France. Whereas the Black French artists' shed light on what it is like to live under a colonial presence. The wide arrays of interviews are deep, complex and idiosyncratic. And these conversations are juxtaposed with varying Black French and Black American Literature as a mirror for the interviewees who are living the same journey these authors detail.

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