Free Spirit

Date of Submission

Spring 2022

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Matthew Sergent

Project Advisor 2

Sarah Hennies

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Free Spirit

Senior Project submitted to

The Division of Arts

of Bard College


Dalia Aladin

Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

May 2022

Artist Statement

‘Free Spirit’, the title of my debut album, captures sounds of alternative hip-hop and R&B. With complex and creative lyricism, the songs showcased in this album explore my philosophy of life as a young adult and unique woman. I use my music as a tool to transform the thoughts that shape my perspective into a musical experience. Creating my music that contributes to all that already exists in the world, allows for my inspiration to be both exhausted and immortal. Just as time is a construct that reminds me that things are always changing, music does the same, while actively changing and growing me too. I believe that listening to music has the power to do the same effect. On both physical and spiritual levels, music has an undeniable influence on life. Through seeking self love, understanding, and empowerment, I wish to share my own introspection that has been a part of shaping my early adulthood.

‘Free Spirit’ speaks on distrust and low vibes in rocky relationships, drug abuse, isolation, and toxic love patterns; intermixed with the concepts of inner peace, reciprocity, blessings, and spirituality. As my music helps me to process the movements of life, ‘Free Spirit’ exchanges energies of pain and light, reflecting balance and transformation. The effortless give and take of high and low vibes is meant to underscore the idea that to have a free spirit is to not be in control but at ease.

Leading track, ‘Stargaze’, hits on social issues concerning discrimination and isolation, carrying the message to keep ones head held high. All while keeping an upbeat and relaxed vibe, ‘Stargaze’ serves as a bold reminder to trust oneself even when people or institutions try to make you lose sight of who you are. The song has recurring concepts of a lost or forgotten name, a sense of found self or confidence, and pursuit of a higher place or existence. This is a transformative song that creates confidence out of losing one's mind, while guiding the listener from isolation towards a larger system.

Artist Bio

I am a Pakistani American singer, rapper, and producer. My voice is captured in a sound of neo soul and blues, that carries a distinct jazzy tone. Audible to a soulful color, I incorporate many layers of vocals to shape broad harmonies in my music. Also carrying over to melodic rap, I create lyrically dense tracks that play with ideas of female empowerment and self worth. Driven and inspired by my need to resonate with life– God, love, humanity, drugs, and spirituality are constant concepts in my music. Since I arrived at Bard College, I have collaborated with many talented artists in recordings and performances. I released five singles and two three song E.Ps’s. My track ‘Higher Self’ caught people's attention in April of 2021, helping me reach over two million streams. My music has gone internationally to over 141 countries. I got my first shoutout by Busta Rhymes who hosted my latest single ‘First Off’, later published in Billboard. I have done two music videos and photoshoots to contribute to the visual appearance of my sound, one of which was shot by Bard student Miles Bitton. Upon returning to New York in August of 2021, I began performing throughout New York City and doing open mics at bars and clubs. I won first place at an open mic at the Luv Bar, attended 24/hour studio sessions, and have gone to quite a few venues just since the Fall. I put on my own senior concert in Blum Hall where I performed 16 original songs with a live DJ, drummer, guitarist, and four collaborations. I will be performing a different set of songs, with a few from the last set, solo for my final concert.



Higher Self (Maijah)

Shots in the Dark (ft. NoShows)

FIRST OFF (Hosted by Busta Rhymes)


Blessed (ft. Cans)



Thoughts Freestyle


Just Me (ft. Cans)

Don Dada

Some People

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