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Spring 2022

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Project Advisor 1

Professor Elena Kim

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Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a global public health issue and human rights crisis. Preventative interventions focused on perpetrators of IPV are still under-researched, and empirically-based interventions to address the global health crisis of gender-based violence are needed. This study proposes a 12-week gender-focused art intervention program as a solution to reduce IPV perpetration. This intervention is proposed to reduce masculine discrepancy stress (MDS), a predictor of IPV perpetration in boys aged nine to ten years, and thus decrease the likelihood of IPV perpetration in adolescence. Additionally, this study serves as a preliminary analysis of the constructs mediating the relationship between MDS and IPV. By comparing the intervention condition, recess condition, and control condition, six research questions will be investigated: (1) Do boys as young as nine or ten experience MDS? (2) Does Vilkin et al.’s (2020) gender-focused art program serve as an effective intervention in reducing MDS? (3) Can school-based gender-expansive interventions reduce the likelihood IPV perpetration? (4) Is there a social spillover effect of gender-expansive intervention on boys who are in the recess condition? (5) Does Vilkin et al.’s (2020) gender-focused art program reduce MDS and IPV-related factors through social and emotional learning? (6) Lastly, what is the relationship between MDS and IPV-related factors, specifically impulsivity and emotional regulation? My proposed study will add to the burgeoning research supporting MDS as a viable construct to target for IPV intervention. My study will offer a path to a potential solution to the public health crisis of IPV in the United States and contribute to the understanding of primary IPV prevention globally.

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