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Date of Submission

Spring 2022

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Jeffery Gibson

Project Advisor 2

Kenji Fujita

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Our brains control everything: emotions, motor skills, memory, thoughts, breathing by sending signals. Sending signals makes me think about all the tubes and craziness that goes on inside our heads, which in comparison to other things is so small. The brain holds so much power within such a small space and I want the art I create to represent the power of the brain’s functions.

In this piece I use yarn and bright colors to represent how overwhelmed one can get within a space, but the scale and repetitive process of making the yarn tube works as an equalizer, as something relaxing that keeps one's mind at ease. The way that I benefit mentally from the space is what I want people to also experience after leaving the space. Getting adults to feel like a child again, and hoping every place has a little of that childlike wonder.

I want to acknowledge that writing is a skill that I don’t think I will ever master, but it is not my words that people will take from my work, but it’s interacting with the piece that will bring the most clarity to the viewer, at least this is my intention. Being able to create a space with complexity as well as a straightforward message is something I hope to create as a signature in my work: I hope to create limitless spaces with my art.

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Creative Commons License
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