Date of Submission

Spring 2022

Academic Program

Computer Science

Project Advisor 1

Keith O'Hara

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Physically engaging with space is often difficult for people who struggle with mobility. Elderly people and people with disabilities in particular may find it challenging to walk for long periods of time on various terrain in order to explore their environment. This project is designed to provide an alternative way to physically engage with spaces without requiring the user to walk, and I am focusing on the accessibility of Bard’s campus specifically. My project involves a map of the college that users can tour in an augmented reality environment. Through the use of a projector-camera system, this program projects a map and tracks objects placed on that map. It tells the user information about the space based on the object’s location. Users are meant to collaboratively trace the map and label buildings as they explore them. Finally, users highlight their favorite locations with colored markers, and take a screenshot of the completed map. The colors used are associated with different subjective experiences of the campus and are projected back on the table in the final step of this project. This experience is meant to operate as an alternative to traditional physical tours while also maintaining the communal experience that Bard tours provide.

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