Date of Submission

Spring 2022

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Project Advisor 1

Robyn Smyth

Project Advisor 2

Antonios Kontos

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This paper aims to analyze and compare the optic properties which regulate turbulence in Lake Lacawac and Lake Giles and how these conditions change as the lakes warm and darken. Lake Giles and Lake Lacawac are both strongly stratified and have very differ- ent compositions and sizes. Despite their differences, Lake Giles is evolving to resemble Lacawac’s structure and behavior. After analyzing how our two subject lakes change in response to warming and darkening, we asses what such changes are likely to follow in a whole range of lakes represented by Lacawac and Giles in terms of composition and inner mechanism. The inner mechanisms of the lakes are mapped using turbulence parameters such as vertical eddy diffusivity Kz and the rate of dissipation of turbulent kinnetic energy ε.

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