Date of Submission

Spring 2022

Academic Program

Computer Science

Project Advisor 1

Sven Anderson

Project Advisor 2

Matt Sargent

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The work of this project attempts to provide new methods of creating music with technology. The product, Fields, is a functional piece of virtual reality software, providing users an immersive and interactive set of tools used to build and design instruments in a modular manner. Each virtual tool is analogous to musical hardware such as guitar pedals, synthesizers, or samplers, and can be thought of as an effect or instrument on its own. Specific configurations of these virtual audio effects can then be played to produce music, and then even saved by the user to load up and play with at a later time. There are still goals to expand this project, and turn it into something more akin to a professional digital audio workstation, but for the time being it remains a modular synthesizer with nearly limitless configurations in a virtual 3D environment. Included is a developer library, giving users the ability to integrate their own musical software solutions into the virtual environment and expand the work of this project.

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