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Spring 2022

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Sarah Dunphy-Lelii

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Adderall is the most common stimulant prescribed to individuals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There is a growing body of evidence revealing how Adderall abuse is most commonly linked to academic enhancement. But there is limited research suggesting why Adderall abuse is still on the rise, and why it is so easily accessible despite its detrimental effects on the body. To assess this growing issue, the current study investigated whether doctors are properly monitoring the side effects of Adderall, while uncovering a potential underlying motivation of Adderall abuse for weight loss. This study identified a large sample of college students with and without a prescription for Adderall who I predicted were all at risk of abusing Adderall for weight loss (N=70). All participants were asked to complete a self-survey questionnaire which included questions from the adult ADHD self-report scale given as one of the predominant approaches in diagnosing ADHD in adults, measures of the participants’ Adderall usage, and a measure of the individual's attitude toward eating. Results revealed that individuals with a script for Adderall scored higher on the ADHD self-report questions, and took Adderall more frequently than individuals without a prescription. While there was no significant relationship between individuals with or without a prescription for Adderall and uses for weight loss, 27.5% of the participants reported being satisfied with experiencing weight loss due to Adderall and six of those participants had a prescription for Adderall. Three of those participants had asked for an increase in their dose after noticing weight loss and four of those participants reported not telling anybody about their weight loss due to Adderall. I hope to shed light on the importance of receiving and acknowledging adequate and competent information towards Adderall to ensure doctors are prescribing Adderall for the proper reasons, and patients are more aware and informed of the harmful side effects.

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