Date of Submission

Spring 2022

Academic Program

Studio Arts; Human Rights

Project Advisor 1

Dina Ramadan

Project Advisor 2

Beka Goedde

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This paper is the story of a community art project with the goal of thinking through the two questions: How can an understanding of land, specifically the colonial and indigenous histories layered within it, facilitate acknowledgement of the relationship of local and non-local food to food access efforts? How does acknowledgement of the roles of local and non-local food in food access efforts, facilitate understanding of times when it is productive to gather as a community? The text is organized as components of a set table: the table supports, the seats, the table top, the table cloth, the dishes, and the meal. The first two sections, the table supports and the seats, are broad discussions of non-local food and material. The middle section, the table top, is an exploration of in-betweenness and how it is realized through non-local entities, local entities, community, and land. This section distinguishes the two sections preceding it from the two sections following it. The table cloth and the dishes sections are specific to Bard campus and the surrounding area. They contain the story of a collaborative mural project and discussion of local materials. The epilogue, the meal, is an exploration of local foods and the food system at Bard. It concludes by circling back to all the previously mentioned topics, to tie them together.

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