Date of Submission

Spring 2022

Academic Program

Political Studies

Project Advisor 1

Frederic Hof

Project Advisor 2

Sanjib Baruah

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The profound influence of Christianity on Hungarian politics can be traced back for more than a thousand years of its history to the creation of the Kingdom, and it could easily be found in modern days politics in the current Orbán administration of the Republic. However, after reviewing the development of Political Christianity, I have found that it has been most significant in four periods of Hungarian history: the creation of the Kingdom in 1000, two invasions of the Mongols and the Ottomans, the struggle between the Old and New Churches, and the transformation to Christian Nationalism. The three events have provided an argument that if Christianity is merely a powerful political instrument for the rulers, and I expect to alarm my fellow Christians to be cautious when they find a similar situation in todays.

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