Date of Submission

Spring 2022

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Project Advisor 1

Craig Anderson

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Cyclometalated Ruthenium (II) and RAPTA species were synthesized, characterized and evaluated on their photophysical properties and potential as anti-cancer agents. The binding affinity to yeast RNA of one of the newly synthesized compounds containing a thiophene group (LM5400) was compared to its literature precursor (Compound B) containing a phenyl group under gel electrophoresis. Results indicated that the bands of compounds; Compound A, LM3000, Compound B and LM5400 when incubated with yeast RNA, were similar to the control with the expectation of the band of LM5400 being more faint relative to the rest whenever samples were incubated for 24hrs. Photophysical experiments on cyclometalated ruthenium (II) compounds (CompoundA, LM3000, Compound B, LM5400) indicated that these compounds have an absorbance around 360 nm respectively but do not fluoresce due to extremely low emission values. Four hydrolysis studies were done on the cyclometalated ruthenium (II) species under various conditions and monitored via UV/Vis and H-NMR. Underall conditions, the absorbance and the NMR data the complexes with the η6-benzene ring (Compound A and LM3000) changed under aqueous and chloride solutions. In contrast, the absorbance of the complexes with the η6-cymene rings (Compound B and LM5400) only changed upon increased concentration. All compounds synthesized were characterized by NMR. Crystal structures were obtained for newly synthesized compounds, LM3000 and LM5400.

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