Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Chris Lafratta

Project Advisor 2

Paul Cadden-Zimansky

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The complexity of light’s wave nature is shown in the paths that light takes. In this project I will show several useful ways to imagine and predict how light will travel from one place to another. Once light is produced it does not immediately fill a room, instead it undulates through free space as if the space itself was a fluid. Once we understand the way light flows and interacts with its environment not only can we predict and control its shape with a hologram, but also discover clues which give secrets about where the light has been. Telescopes and microscopes reveal hidden packets of information, coded into the light itself, that would normally be lost to eyes. Using a tool called the Fourier Transform I will show how anyone can intuitively “feel out” what motivates light to move through space in its unique way.

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