Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Jean Wagner

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Where do I even begin to discuss my process? As with all things artistic, it comes from experiences deep within, that manifest themselves over time. So, Exertion was several years, if not a lifetime, in the making. I had always been an anxious child all my life, but my experiences with mental illness didn’t truly begin until my freshman year of high school. From then on, it was a constant mixture of depression, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts, and how to navigate through adolescence with these in mind. They have become severe a couple of times, but fortunately I was able to receive professional help, and still continue to receive professional help as I navigate this journey. Depression is something that is so hard to put into words, and the imposter syndrome associated with it is incredibly frustrating. As I talk about it, sometimes I feel like I’m lying to people, or faking it, and that I don’t deserve the help and lenience I receive. It’s terrible. I wanted to show people what it is like.

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