Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program

Film and Electronic Arts

Project Advisor 1

Richard Suchenski

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The film focuses on two people going on a date after societal collapse. The cause of the apocalypse is not the focus, but rather the efforts of people to find forms of normalcy during or after a catastrophe. Much of the story was influenced by my feelings of anxiety from the current pandemic and rise of political violence, as well as the need for habits of normality. The idea of rewilding, both in nature and in anarchist theory, inspired the setting and characters. During the lockdown, many countries noted the increase of species returning to habits and even wandering through towns where they are never seen. This natural rewilding, mostly of foliage, would without a doubt also occur in abandoned areas too, as seen in Pripyat and the recently demolished Nara Dreamland. Regarding anarchist theory, rewilding is the process of undoing human domestication. Essentially an anti-civilization belief. Though I am not a supporter of any form of anarchy, this “return to land” ideology inspired the rugged lives of the characters and the animalistic behavior of antagonists. In the end, this film is an examination of people grasping for rituals and routines that remind them of simpler times.

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