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Spring 2021

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An-My Lê

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About The Nocturnal:

I began photographing mostly at night when the Covid first got to Berlin. As a Chinese woman I was under the shadow of fear for getting into covid related racial crimes as reported in the news, and did not feel safe to take out my camera in the daytime. Like a nocturnal animal foraging for food, the darkness provided me a cover. After I came back home in China, I got quarantined in a hotel room for 2 weeks. When I returned to the outside world, covid seemed to be far a way, and most people’s life was back in normal. However, to me nothing was normal again, everything looked exciting, even other-worldly. And my life since then was not so normal since I had to take online classes from Bard and was obliged to live a night life due to the time difference. Thanks to that, I discovered a side of the city and myself which I never knew.

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