Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Maggie Hazen

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Through this body of work, I have been exploring objects that hold. Each of these pieces are vessels or carriers that reference the body and its individual parts. Each item was carefully considered and alludes to so much more than their individual uses and purposes. I believe that all these objects have strong meanings and associations because of their presence in everyday life--they are universal and recognizable. I have brought attention to objects that often go unnoticed and overlooked because of their common uses in everyday life. By painting them the same color as the floor, I camouflaged them into the physical space that surrounds the work. I was interested in exploring the tension between highlighting and camouflaging and wanted these pieces to maintain their familiarity yet function as abstract forms. Many of these objects hold a liquid or bodily substance or at least reference the body and its functions. Based on the object's ability or inability to hold and support, I chose to place each piece in very specific pairings-- further exploring their use and function. While using humor to also investigate this, I invite the viewer to possibly reconsider the use of the object in relationship to the body.

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