Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Jeffrey Gibson

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I use drawing and 3D animation to access memories of intimacy and distinctive spaces of privacy. Prior to this year I primarily worked with drawing and video, but always keeping them separate. However with my most recent project, I Thank You, and All the Buildings that Make me Feel so Small, I decided to combine my practice of drawing and 3D animation. I used adobe photoshop to convert my drawings from physical objects into 3D objects in the digital sphere.

The video you first encounter upon walking into my studio 400 Chambers and the video projected onto the ground Ivans Imaginary Aspen featured the practice of rendering drawings and converting them into 3D objects.

The process of rendering and converting imagery was important to me as a form of personal documentation. Many of the buildings featured in the 400 Chambers video I’ve experienced first hand, either intimately, or from a distance. I choose to include 400 chambers, the residential building I grew up in because it was important to share the power of memory and a space that represents home as constantly evolving. Additionally the surrounding buildings are a reference to commuting through central park and the affected skyline by billionaires row. A collection of luxury residential buildings. What is the relationship between this sentiment of home and spaces of corporate modernism? How do private and intimate domestic spaces holding bodies create fullness? While also trying to confirm my personal connection to home through nurturing family, by notions of preparing food and communication.

For Ivans Imaginary Aspen I looked at site specific material to explore my fathers relationship to home. I explored the relationship of my fathers connection to home by using the plot of land he built in Aspen, in the early 2000s. Including a charcoal drawing of the Aspen home was a way to show how I process Ivan’s ideal of a home. I surrounded my charcoal rendering with a collection of photos taken from a realtor website of the property. My drawing shows the house from only one angle, the front, while the photos were placed sporadically and show the house from a variety of angles. The second portion of the video shows a world with myself walking, arguing, and lying down. Additionally a video of CCTV footage showing the FDR during the middle of the day.

In the video Bondi I made the decision to dedicate this piece to my mother, I wanted to engage with a world that was only about the two of us. I went through the process of filming her alone and filming us interacting, this was a form of cathartic documentation for me. Sharing these experiences was a way to reckon with the distance and closeness in our relationship in the past four years. Creating the work helped me review issues of home and family, and helped bring these issues to the physical form.

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