Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Paul Cadden-Zimansky

Abstract/Artist's Statement

One of my principal interests in life is transportation which involves building and working with vehicles, and that is why I chose to pursue this project. This write-up, in addition to being a small-scale study of the various properties of automobiles, is to serve as a guide for others who wish to pursue such an endeavor in the years to come. To do this, I first take a look at three of the many key structures which enable vehicular movement: The engine, the wheels and the steering system. After this, I give a detailed recount of how I built the vehicle used in this project with efficiency tips littered throughout the section. Then, I briefly explain the turn radius test and maximum velocity and acceleration tests carried out while presenting and analyzing the data. In all, this project investigates the dynamic motion of vehicles both in a straight line and in curves and attempts to use the data gathered to establish a basic understanding of the efficiency of energy transfer in vehicular motion.

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