Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program

Mathematics; Economics

Project Advisor 1

Aniruddha Mitra

Project Advisor 2

Stefan Medez-Diez

Abstract/Artist's Statement

With the massive increase in global remittances in the recent decades, migration study has gained a lot of attention from scholars in social sciences. In particular, the effect of remittances on various socio-economic variables have been studied. Furthering this literature, we study the effects of remittances on ethnic tension. Using the Ordinary Least Squares with Panel-Corrected Standard Errors, we find that i) remittances has less impact on ethnic tension in countries with lower variance of ethnic tension than those with higher variance ii) remittances increases ethnic tension in countries that already have higher ethnic tension than the global mean, whereas it lowers ethnic tension in countries that have lower ethnic tension than the global mean.

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