Date of Submission

Spring 2021

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Project Advisor 1

Ethan Bloch

Abstract/Artist's Statement

In contrast to most social choice methods, which use ranked ballots, range voting is a well-known social choice method that offers the voters more choices in the form of an allowed range of possible scores. In this project, by allowing voters to give positive and negative scores, we hope to find a way that can explicitly show how voters disapprove, feel neutral, or approve of the alternatives instead of just giving ranking orders. Also, by applying a function to constrain the scores given in range voting, each voter will have the same influence when they give scores. After combining these conditions with Condorcet method by transferring scores into the ranked ballot, we get a new voting function that involves Condorcet, approval, and range voting. In this project, we explore how this new voting function behaves with respect to certain voting criteria.

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