Date of Submission

Spring 2021

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Gregory Duff Morton

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project addresses the history of advocacy for driver's license access for undocumented New Yorkers from 2017-2021. This project explores a biography of two central advocates of the campaign and their rhetoric of participation in grassroots social movements. This project dissects the various tactics used in the organization of a policy-oriented campaign known as Greenlight. Greenlight is the colloquial name for the bill passed in legislation in 2019. Greenlight (Drivers Access and Privacy Act) allowed residents that do not have social security numbers to be eligible to obtain driver's licenses. This project used in-person and virtual ethnography as a means of research and observation of the many communities that came together in the Hudson Valley in defense of immigrant rights and access to transportation. The necessity of driver's licenses in the rural regions of New York like the MidHudson Valley prompted an urgent mobilization for this 'progressive' policy change.

Senior Project submitted to the Division of Social Studies of Bard College.

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