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Spring 2020

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Steven Simon

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The Centerpoint Theorem states that for any set $S$ of points in $\mathbb{R}^d$, there exists a point $c$ such that any hyperplane goes through that point divides the set. For any half-space containing the point $c$, the amount of points in that half-space is no bigger than $\frac{1}{d+1}$ of the whole set. This can be related to how close can any hyperplane containing the point $c$ comes to equipartitioning for a given shape $S$. For a function from unit circle to real number, it has a Fourier interpretation. Using Fourier analysis on the Torus, I will try to find a multi centerpoint theorem for many points in the plane such that any hyperplanes go through those points are close to equipartitioning a given shape.

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