Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Jean Wagner

Project Advisor 2

Jonathan Rosenberg

Abstract/Artist's Statement

My journey as an artist began with joy and exhilaration, the feeling that I was carving out a little groove in the world situated for me and only me. Along the way, I learned a few lessons. One of which being that dreams don’t offset the harsh realities of capitalist America. I witnessed my father, a proud owner of two college degrees, lying in a hospital bed because of illness, hungry because food stamps were being held up, and prideless because the next paycheck wasn’t coming. I would tell my dad through these experiences that I wanted to be a writer, to make stories that would illustrate what our lives entailed in this world. I told my dad this because this was my heartfelt dream. Even in the deep darkness that is poverty, that is hopelessness, my dad never demeaned or made me compromise this dream. “Go for it son. Prove that this is your dream.” A play that would illustrate not only that you should follow dreams passionately but a play that would shed light on the reasons for why you should be doing it. That was how I would prove it. It is not despite poverty or fear for your livelihood that you should pursue your dreams but it is because of these aspects of life that you should chase these dreams. That is the spiritual essence that brought me to the writer’s table to prove it. That is the essence that in time brought forth Ala Ala! The Self-Love Play.

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1. Anti Self-Love (Intro).mp3 (5794 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's album, The Self-Love Tape

2. If I . . . (Prod. Flying Lotus).mp3 (2978 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's personal collection

3. The World Is Closing (feat. Lucas McCrosson).mp3 (8361 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's album, The Self-Love Tape

4. Wasalu's Lament.mp3 (10417 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's album, Ogun Offerings Vol. 3: Winters In NY

5. The Struggle.mp3 (5988 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's album, The Self-Love Tape

6. Shooting for the Stars.mp3 (5000 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's album, Ajinde

7. The Worth of a Picture.mp3 (6821 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's album, Ajinde

8. Life's Beautiful Bruh (Feat. Briana, Paul, Raina, Margaret, Lucas, Satchel Fisher & Luna Alfonso.mp3 (11034 kB)
From Ajani NaNaBuluku's album, Standrd Deviation Compilation: The Ogun Studio Sessions

9. Blk Man Joy (Ajani, Marintae, Josh Marks, Paul Duhe & Sadiki Lewis).mp3 (7110 kB)
From a collaboration of artists listed

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