Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Stephen Shore

Abstract/Artist's Statement

February 10

Waiting on hold with eBay customer service because I won a bid for a butterfly shirt. My winning bid was $0.32. I didn’t realize I’d won because I wasn’t very invested and apparently a month passed and an unpaid item case was opened against me. When I go on the website to try to pay I get an error message. This is why I’m on hold with eBay customer service. I’m now being helped by a person named Justin.

The item description is “Eyeshadow Long Sleeve Blue Butterfly V Neck Shirt.”

The call ended abruptly. A disconnection. Now I’m calling back again. Now I’m talking to someone named Camille. There are other people in the background who are clearly also talking to other customers from a call center. There was a strange squeaking/beeping sound which reminded me of a rubber chicken being squeezed.

February 13

I want to write a poem about how we have mirrors in every bathroom.

March 14

Been on the verge of tears today and finally cried a little. Oliver looked up at me very concerned, I never cry. The last time I cried was when Oliver was missing.

Listening to folk music, no matter if I know the song, especially now, makes me cry.

March 16

This evening Kullan cooked vegetable curry with rice which Olive and I ate after our sunset walk. We took turns reading Ram Dass quotes out loud to each other as we ate.

April 2

I sometimes feel immense excitement and gratitude that I can write anything I want or draw anything I want at any time. Not the freedom of expression but the intense and profound beauty at the fact I can extend myself into these forms of manifestation.

I also feel extreme comfort in remembering that the world exists, anyone who has ever lived dies, we all share painful experiences no matter how isolating they may feel.

April 12

Every person that has lived on this planet has lived under the same moon that I live under.

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