Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Stephen Shore

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Even as you see something, it is already moving away from you. In the act of making pictures, as in life, I feel a constant tension between the imperative of remaining attentive, lucid, present, and the inevitability of dissociation. Sensual experience of the world almost always becomes enmeshed in a murky network of association and evocation without any conscious awareness of this shift. A tree becomes a window seat, the sound of a car starting in the driveway. Even as you see something, it is already moving away from you.

- - -

Each picture in this book was made to provide a sense of being-there, of total presence. However, reflection on them revealed more about myself than anything within the frame. You see what you want to see, or you see what you project outward with eyes like high beams. These pictures are arranged to recreate the subterranean movements of thought, how clarity and distraction mingle.

- - -

Recently I dreamed I was walking toward the beach at night. Fireworks arced silently overhead, exploding in a warm and noiseless elation. I felt a hand touch the back of my arm, as if encouraging me to walk on to the water, which is always receding.

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