Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program

Music; Computer Science

Project Advisor 1

Keith O'Hara

Project Advisor 2

John Esposito

Abstract/Artist's Statement

For the past three semesters at Bard, live coding has become my newest form of creative expression and performance. This method of coding involves either creating on the spot from scratch or editing pre-existing code in a real time manner. There is no real set structure or steps that must be followed, however, one rule must always be followed: show your code. In the classroom, live coding occurs when the professor demonstrates some algorithm by displaying the program on a projector for the entire class to observe. During musical performances, the same improvisational nature of live coding is also present, and the methods by which programmers use to practice live-coding are similar to that of musicians. In my two final concerts at Bard, I performed original music and live coded. Primarily using the program MaxMSP, I was able to create audio reactive visuals and vocal talkbox effect projects. The two concerts featured completely different setups; while one was in- person, the other was live streamed. In this paper, we aim to explore the impact of live-coding in both environments, educational and performance based.

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