Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

John Esposito

Project Advisor 2

Pamela Petony

Abstract/Artist's Statement

“Lovelution” contains 6 songs detailing the growth that a man experiences by learning to accept the Love of a woman via the medium of modern Hip-Hop and Trap genre-based music with Jazz influences. In “Blue Heart” the man connects with a woman who understands the loneliness that he feels from and they begin a relationship. In “Spaceship” we see the first wave of doubt wash over the man due to the issues in his newfound relationship. “Lay With You” displays when the two reunite and resolve their issues. “Too Much” shows us the man’s unfortunate mental spiral due to his inability to believe that he could be loved by someone else. In “Free” he is finally able to accept that love which leads to the final song “Classic”, which displays the clarity of mind, self-love and self-confidence he has afterward. Though we may be loved by others, the journey of loving ourselves is completely separate, but having the love of others makes it so much easier.

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Blue Heart

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Lay With You

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Too Much

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