Date of Submission

Spring 2020

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Project Advisor 1

Kris Feder

Project Advisor 2

Aniruddha Mitra

Abstract/Artist's Statement

In presenting the history and utility of polyester fiber we gain a more in depth understanding of why it is such a prominent fabric today. Through the general evaluation of the global apparel industry, we gain valuable insight into the vast size and environmental impact of the entire industry. Presenting the global apparel industry is integral to the discussion of polyester due to their symbiotic relationship. In evaluating the environmental impact and externalities of the polyester industry, attention is brought to the problematic nature of the industry as well as the details of its environmental impact which include; excessive microfiber shedding, intensive use of crude oil in production, as well as significant greenhouse gas emissions. With an industry as powerful as that of polyester, and a global environment clearly on the decline, something clearly needs to be done. This initial research shown in the pages above led me to ask this guiding question for this project: With a nuanced understanding of the polyester industry and environmental economic theory, how can polyester fiber be regulated, and what would that policy entail?

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