Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program

Historical Studies

Project Advisor 1

Gregory Moynahan

Project Advisor 2

Robert Culp

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Based on thorough evaluations of John Locke’s England (1632~1704), Jeong Dojeon’s Korea (1342~1398), and Heo Gyun’s Korea (1569~1618), it can be concluded that a social contract between a ruler and a ruler’s subjects existed in both the English and Joseon kingdoms. The idea that both kingdoms could have all people such as servants, farmers, and kings all know their political freedom disproves Hegel’s argument that one person knows freedom in Asia, and all people know freedom in Europe. This also shows that there is a broader human context in Asia and Europe and that the desire and drive for political freedom is inherent in human beings, regardless of what hemisphere they are from.

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