Little Fires


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Date of Submission

Spring 2019

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Division of the Arts; Music

Project Advisor 1

Matthew Sargent

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project started off as an impossible idea. My experience at Bard has been one of extreme growth, but discomfort. I was forced to face a part of myself I have always known, but rejected, perhaps out of insecurity or apprehension. Little Fires is a culmination of this discomfort, it’s a documentation of a moment in time, a marker of the growth I have allowed myself, and a place of beginning. I am excited to look back and see how much further I have come.

The impossibility of Little Fires was my presumed resources. I spent most of my time at Bard with my head down, feeling alienated and consequently isolating myself from my peers. I felt that I did not have a community I could reach out to for creative help and collaboration, and was often unsure or pessimistic about my own skills and talents. But within the last year, I have made some of the strongest artistic friendships and experienced intense and rewarding encounters with myself and those around me.

I knew that as a student in the Music Department, some sort of performance would be in my future. But I also knew that in order to walk away from Bard feeling fulfilled, I needed to figure out a way to perform, while still being authentic to myself and acknowledging the fears and blocks I had let stop me in the past. This is where Little Fires became more than just an impossible idea.

Growing up with a father in the film industry, I knew that this was the path I needed to take. I am lucky enough to have incredibly supportive and artistic parents who encouraged me to follow my instincts. I knew that walking away from Bard with a physical (or virtual) representation of my progress and work was more important to me than performing in the more traditional way that most Music Department students do. I refuse to see my choice to not perform in front of a live audience as a shortcut or a loophole, because I truly believe that if I had, I would not be satisfied with the outcome. Recording a live set forced me to reach to my community for the support that I felt I lacked my previous years here. Because of this, I was able to work with incredibly talented, supportive and motivated people, who truly made me realize that my path as an artist is not one I want to walk alone.

I am confident that Little Fires represents me as an artist, writer, performer, and aspiring producer/engineer. The whole process has forced me to take every obstacle on with the mindset of a beginner in my field, open to new ideas and ways of navigating difficult circumstances. I can’t wait for the next adventure that crosses my path.

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